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Looking for online resources to enrich you or your child's STEM education? Look no further! #GetEngaged is committed to providing access to learning opportunities for everyone. Scroll below to find an option that works for you!

72 million students have learned on, and you or your child could be next! With courses available for grades K-12, offers a great virtual option to take STEM courses that may not be offered in traditional school.

Khan Academy offers so much more than help with courses you need to pass for school requirements. From Hour of Code to Pixar in a Box, there's a selection of cool STEM courses to check out when you want to learn something new outside of school!

Udemy is known for offering 185,000 online video courses that are updated monthly! There's something for everyone from middle schoolers to professionals who are looking to expand their knowledge.

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Adventure Academy is where gaming and school combine! There are more than 4,000 activities for students to brush up on their science and math skills while having fun! There's also progress tracking available to actively see how much the child has improved!

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